Agility is probably the fastest growing dog sport, the dogs love it and the handlers become addicted, training and competing in the most inclement weather! Agility is the canine equivalent of show jumping and is not just a question of running at an obstacle with your dog, rather the obstacles are carefully taught and the dog encouraged to jump, turn and run correctly. In this, as well as the other disciplines, rewards are paramount, be it food or toys or a cuddle from you.

The club runs beginners courses once a year, if possible. Each has a 4 week taster period, followed by a further 4 weeks of training and the classes cater for 8 to 10 dogs in a session.

Once the beginners course is complete, we try to ensure that the group stay together as they progress through their training, since this gives stability and support to dogs and handlers.

In addition to the beginners class, there are 7 other classes giving a total of 64 training spaces. Four classes on a Monday, a combination of fun and competitive training, including a beginners, and four on a Tuesday. There are presently spaces available in several classes. Please complete the form below to register interest, and we will contact you.

The Club takes part in the Three Counties Starters League over the winter. This is an excellent opportunity for club members to experience competition in a fun and supportive environment. We try to put the match dates on the calendar, so supporters can attend.

Mondays at 7pm – 8pm
Mondays at 8pm – 9pm
Tuesdays at 7pm – 8pm
Tuesdays at 8pm – 9pm
Cross Farm, Colethrop, Haresfield, Stonehouse
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Costs vary dependent on the class attended but are either £5.50 or £6.00 per dog per class – plus £5.00 annual membership fee.
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